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Cancer Care Quality Measures

Cancer Care Quality Measures

Our Cancer Center Quality Care Measures:
(Published on November 2, 2011)

Patient Satisfaction (Measured for both the outpatient regional cancer center and inpatient units):

  • What does it mean: The St. Mary Regional Cancer Center believes patient satisfaction is the single most important factor in its mission to provide patient-centered care. This means constantly measuring ourselves and responding to the changing needs of our patients and their families.
  • Why it's important: Patients who have been given a diagnoses of cancer are often overwhelmed with the news and the many challenges they will face. The impact of a cancer diagnosis is often emotionally and physically traumatic for patients. The Cancer Center strives to provide an exceptional patient experience by personalizing the care and focusing on reducing the fear and anxiety patients and families must face when dealing with cancer. 


  • What does it mean: Post surgical irradiation (within 365 days) for breast cancer patients who elect to have breast conserving surgery meets established NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) guidelines for standard of care. 
  • Why it's important: St. Mary's goal for this measure is 100% compliance. Adherence to this measure has a direct correlation with improved disease-free survival and lowers the rate of recurrence for breast cancer patients. 


  • What does it mean: Adequate tissue sampling of more than 12 lymph nodes when there is a diagnosis of colon cancer is very important to the establishment of the correct stage of the cancer. While the national average is 82%, St. Mary has established a goal of 85%. St. Mary has consistently exceed this goal for 2009-2010.
  • Why it's important: Accurate staging allows for the St. Mary cancer treatment team to develop the most appropriate care plan so patients have the best chance for survival and improved outcomes. 


  • What does it mean: 5-year survival rates show the proportion of patients who were still alive 5 years after the diagnoses of their cancer. This statistic compares St. Mary's outcomes against Comprehensive Community Cancer Centers (community hospitals that provide comprehensive cancer services) across the country.
  • Why it's important: Five-year survival rates can be used to compare the effectiveness of treatments.  Patients can use this information, along with their own goals for treatment, to weigh the pros and cons of each treatment option.
  • Become our Partners in Prevention: Improvements in survival rates are sometimes attributed to improvements is diagnoses, rather than improvements in prognosis. St. Mary believes that one way to improve cancer survival rates is through early detection and proper screening exams. To register for a Mammography, please call us at 215-710-2208. To obtain an appointment for a colonoscopy, please call our physician referral line at 215-710-5888. (In both cases, please remember to first obtain a referral from your primary care doctor, or OB-GYN). 

Cancer Care Accreditations: (Awarded in 2011)

The Breast Center at St. Mary Medical Center recently received a three-year/Full accreditation designation by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), a program administered by the American College of Surgeons. Accreditation by the NAPBC is only given to those centers that have voluntarily committed to provide the highest level of quality breast care and that undergo a rigorous evaluation process and review of their performance.

Receiving care at a NAPBC-accredited center ensures that a patient will have access to:

  • Comprehensive care, including a full range of state-of-the-art services
  • A multidisciplinary team approach to coordinate the best treatment options 
  • Information about ongoing clinical trials and new treatment options
  • Quality breast care close to home. 

The St. Mary Medical Center Regional Cancer Center recently was recognized as being among the best cancer programs in the United States by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons (ACoS). The Cancer Center earned approval with commendation based on several standards of quality care.

For the Patient and Community, the quality standards established by the CoC for cancer programs ensure:

  • Comprehensive Care, including a complete range of state-of-the-art services and equipment.
  • A multidisciplinary team approach to coordinate the best available treatment options.
  • Information about ongoing cancer clinical trials and new treatment options.
  • Access to prevention and early detection programs, cancer education and support services.
  • A cancer registry that offers lifelong patient follow-up.
  • Ongoing monitoring and improvements in cancer care, AND
  • Quality care, close to home.
The American College of Radiology (ACR) has accredited St. Mary Medical Center in the areas of Radiation Oncology and Breast Imaging. The Breast Center has been designated as a Center of Excellence for mammography, breast ultrasound, stereotactic breast biopsy, and breast ultrasound guided biopsy. The ACR awards accreditation to facilities for the achievement of high practice standards after a peer-review evaluation of its practice.

The ACR evaluates facilities to ensure:

  • Highest degree of quality & safe patient care
  • Adequacy of facility equipment
  • Quality control procedures and quality assurance programs. 



Cancer Care Quality Initiatives: