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Clinical Trials at St. Mary

Clinical Trials at St. Mary

St. Mary Medical Center Research Institute (SMMCRI) has provided research services to our community for 18 years and has conducted more than 300 studies in a variety of therapeutic areas. A key to our success has been our dedication to provide our patients with cutting-edge technology and treatment which could only be otherwise found at a University setting. Our focus is to provide research opportunities to the members of our community who wish to stay close to home to receive the most current treatments using the most advanced technology.

To contact the St. Mary Medical Center Research Research Institute, please call: 215-710-6060.

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 Institutional Review Board: Protecting Human Subjects in Research

Institution Review Boards (IRB) are established to ensure the rights and welfare of people who choose to participate in clinical trials both before and during their trial participation.  The IRB is also responsible for making sure that the research is performed in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations and institutional policies when testing investigational drugs or medical devices.  These impartial review panels assess the risks and benefits of each study trial to minimize and fairly disclose risk to study participants.

St. Mary Medical Center has two IRBs.  IRB #2 reviews all Oncology clinical trials, and IRB #1 reviews all other trial protocols.  Both IRBs are free standing.  That is, they are not regulated by any other group within the hospital.  The Institutional Review Boards of St. Mary Medical Center are comprised of members from both scientific and non-scientific backgrounds.  Membership consists of staff physicians in various areas of expertise, risk management specialists, and representatives of the local community.  Priority is placed on a membership of diversity to best serve the interests and safety of all study participants.

St. Mary Medical Center and its IRB are committed to being a foremost clinical research center where standards of care are elevated both now and in the future.  If you are interested in being considered for membership on this committee, please contact Lori Lupinacci,  IRB Office at 215-710-6449.