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Cooled ThermoTherapy

Cooled ThermoTherapyTM Procedure

Cooled ThermoTherapy (CTT) is a form of Transurethral Microwave Thermotherapy used to treat BPH or Enlarged Prostate. CTT uses targeted microwave heat to destroy excess prostatic tissue. By utilizing a proprietary cooling system, surrounding healthy urethral tissue is protected and patient comfort is enhanced.1 The result is safe, effective and long-lasting relief from many of the symptoms of BPH. 2


Cooled ThermoTherapy is performed in your urologist’s office and does not require any form of surgery. The procedure takes about a half hour to perform, but you should budget for one hour of office time with your urologist. 1


How It Works

The procedure is a simple one. Your urologist will insert a small catheter into the urethra. A specially made antenna deploys heat in the area of excess prostatic tissue growth, while small channels circulate cooled fluid to ensure surrounding tissue is minimally affected. While most patients do not complain of pain during the procedure, you will likely receive medication or local anesthetic to minimize any discomfort. You will be able to go home right after the procedure and will most likely wear a temporary catheter for a few days. Please arrange transportation to get home after the procedure. 1


You may not feel relief immediately. Within the first several weeks, the body will be healing itself by reabsorbing the treated prostatic tissue. You should notice symptom improvement within 6 - 12 weeks after the procedure.1


Benefits of Cooled ThermoTherapy

CTT is a safe and long-lasting solution that avoids many of the side effects and costs of BPH medication and the risks and high costs of surgery.2 Further, CTT is covered by Medicare in all 50 states and most private insurers provide coverage as well. Results vary between patients, however studies have shown significant relief that can last for years after the procedure.2


Risks of Cooled Thermotherapy1

While CTT is a safe and effective procedure, it does come with some risks, including: 

  • Hematuria
  • Dysuria
  • Blood in urine
  • Clots in urine
  • Painful or difficult urination
  • Rectal irritation
  • Temporary inability to control urination
  • Brief inability to achieve or maintain an erection
  • Inability to discharge semen during orgasm

 Most of these side effects were temporary or mild and required minimal or no medical intervention.1


The list above is not comprehensive and every patient presents unique circumstances.  Please discuss potential risks with your urologist.


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1Data derived from the CTC Advance® Instructions for Use, 250348 Rev D 08/10

2Mynderse, L., et al, 5 year Results of a Multi-Center Trial of a New Generation Cooled TUMTfor BPH, Journal of Urology, May 2001