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MRI Specialized Imaging Studies

MRI Specialized Imaging Studies

MR Angiography:

MR angiography can provide diagnostic images of the vascular system without the need for arterial puncture or catheters.  A quick, non-invasive means for evaluating most vascular problems is now available. MR angiography is used to evaluate aneurysms and other malformations in blood vessels, to screen for arterial diseases and abnormalities in the body’s circulating system.  Intravenous Gadolinium contrast is used to visualize abnormalities in the neck, abdomen, renal system and extremities.

Non-Invasive Prostate Imaging:

MRI can provide extremely accurate information for the diagnosis and pre-treatment planning of prostate cancer.  In the past, this predominantly involved the use of a coil placed within the rectum.  Now, with advances in coil technology and software, these studies can be performed with a coil placed over the pelvic area.  These new coils provide images of similar resolution without the discomfort of the endo-rectal coil.

Breast MRI:

Breast MRI has emerged as a valuable addition to conventional imaging modalities in the detection of primary and recurrent breast cancer.  It is mainly used in cases that are difficult to evaluate with mammography or ultrasound, or where there are conflicting findings between these two modalities.  MRI also allows early diagnosis of primary and recurrent breast cancer in high-risk patients.