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Micro-disectomy Spine Surgery

Micro-disectomy Spine Surgery

Micro-disectomy spine surgery refers to a highly specialized procedure that is performed on the spine, yet it is primarily used to reduce pain in another part of the body altogether — the legs. 

The spine is made of up of a series of bones (vertabrae) each cushioned by a spongy disc that aids in both shock absorption and flexibility.  If a disc in the lower back becomes herniated (bulging or broken open) and presses on a spinal nerve, pain can radiate down a patient's leg.

St. Mary now offers micro-disectomy, a minimally invasive surgery performed on the spine that helps most patients feel immediate relief and return home the same or next day.  Performed through a small incision, usually one to one-and-a-half -inches in length, surgeons relieve pressure on the affected spinal nerve by removing a portion of the bone or disc causing the pressure and pain.  By relieving this pressure, the nerve is able to heal. 

The spine's structure stays intact, because this extraordinary surgery doesn't require the cutting of joints, ligaments, or muscles.  Patients who undergo micro-disectomy spine surgery return to their normal activities sooner, without leg pain, contributing to an improved comfort and quality of life.