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Micro-vascular Hand Surgery

Micro-vascular Hand Surgery

Using advanced techniques, expert surgeons at St. Mary Medical Center now are able to perform delicate micro-vascular surgery to repair a damaged hand and restore feeling – achieving amazing results with one small incision.  In the past, reconnecting two parts of a nerve required two difficult procedures.  Surgeons had to remove a nerve from another part of the body, leaving that area without feeling, and then use it to repair the hand. 

Now, using a sophisticated microscope, St. Mary experts can work between small structures in the hand to fix nerves, and blood vessels, while avoiding injuries to healthy structures.  To reconnect a damaged nerve, surgeons insert a tiny tubular graft that bridges the gap in the nerve allowing the nerve to grow back together.  The sense of touch is then restored through one minimally invasive procedure that leaves just one small incision.

Compared to older techniques for nerve repair, this procedure allows for a more rapid recovery and better function, and eliminates the need for a second procedure.  Micro-vascular hand surgery also simplifies nerve repairs in locations that can be difficult to reach.   


Video Clips

  A tublular graft allows the nerve to grow back together to restore the sense of touch