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Treatment for Thyroid Cancer

Treatment for Thyroid Cancer

After thyroid cancer is found, your doctor will discuss treatment options with you. It is a good idea to take time to think about each of them. In choosing a treatment plan, things to take into account include the type and stage of the cancer and your overall health. The treatment options for thyroid cancer might include:

  • Surgery
  • Radioactive iodine treatment
  • Thyroid hormone treatment
  • External beam radiation treatment
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted therapy

The best approach often uses 2 or more of these methods, and most patients are cured of their thyroid cancer in this way.

If a cure is not likely, the goal may be to remove or destroy as much of the cancer as possible and to prevent the tumor from growing, spreading, or coming back for as long as possible. Sometimes treatment is aimed at relieving symptoms (palliation), such as pain or problems with breathing and swallowing.

*Information from the American Cancer Society.