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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many physicians and technicians work in the St. Mary Emergency Department?
A: There are 28 physicians and more than 160 dedicated, highly skilled caregivers working in the Emergency Department at St. Mary (including pediatric emergency care).

Q: How many patients visit the St. Mary Emergency Department annually?
A: Records show that more than 65,000 children and adults visited and were treated at St. Mary’s Emergency Department in 2009.  That is 5,000 more than we proved care for in 2008.

Q: If I were to visit the emergency department of St. Mary, what information do I need to bring with me?
A: We recommend that persons arriving at the emergency department bring information regarding current medication, medical records and insurance information, if possible.  However, no one will be refused treatment based on their ability to pay.

Q: In case of a personal or family emergency is there one EMS I need to call that will take me to St. Mary?
A: Several EMS units service the St. Mary Medical Center.  Tell the EMT/Paramedic where you would prefer to be transported.  This is true of air transport as well.  Remember, however, that the EMS squads will take you to the nearest appropriate facility based on your condition when they evaluate you.

Q: I’ve heard that when you go to an emergency department it takes hours to go through registration and finally see a physician.  Is this true? 
A: This is why most ED’s perform triage -- this is a way to assess the urgency of your needs.  We do not treat on a first-come-first-serve basis.  We have to take the sickest person first.  However, this is why we have made special sections of our ED at St. Mary so that as your needs are identified, we can provide the necessary care in the most safe and quickest manner possible.

Q: What qualifications do St. Mary Emergency Department physicians have?
A: All St. Mary emergency physicians are MDs or DOs and have considerable experience in treating medical emergencies.

Q:  What differentiates St. Mary Emergency Department from all others?
A: St Mary is a state-accredited Trauma Center, which establishes that we have more capabilities than most other EDs.  We can care for anything that comes through our doors. In some cases, such as those who need specialized burn, spinal care, or intensive pediatric care, we stabilize and transfer patients.

Q:  How much does a visit to St. Mary Emergency Department cost?
A: The cost depends upon the treatment required.  Most emergemcy treatment is covered by insurance.

Q: If I have the flu, can I go to St. Mary Emergency Department for treatment?
A: The emergency department is open to serve the needs of the community.  If a person is ill and needs attention, St. Mary welcomes them.

Q: Can I go to the St. Mary Emergency Department if I don’t have a family doctor or if my family doctor is affiliated with another hospital?
A: Yes.  St. Mary Emergency Department is open to anyone in need of medical attention.  If you have a family physician, they will be notified of your visit to St. Mary.

Q: Since the incident with the policeman in fall 2005, has St. Mary done anything to separate people in police custody from all others?
A: St. Mary does have a public safety room in a separate section of the ED available to the police for use with people in custody who need medical attention.

Q: How often am I allowed to bring family members to the emergency department at St. Mary?
A: There are no restrictions on the use of the St. Mary Emergency Department.  Need of medical attention is the only determining criteria.

Q: Does the St. Mary Emergency Department conduct emergency training classes for the community?
A: St. Mary Medical Center conducts a variety of training and educational classes throughout the year.  They are posted on the St. Mary Web site.

Q: How would I go about applying for a job in the St. Mary Emergency Department?
A: Persons interested in working at St. Mary Medical Center, including the emergency department, should contact the human resources department or visit the St. Mary Web site to review career opportunities.

Q:  What are the hours the St. Mary Emergency Department is open?
A: St. Mary Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.  The Prompt Care service is available 12 hours each day.

Q: Can you schedule an appointment through the St. Mary Emergency Department?
A: Appointments are not scheduled through St. Mary Emergency Department.

Q:  Will St. Mary provide treatment if I am not insured?
A: St. Mary Medical Center does not turn anyone away; this is required of all EDs by federal law.

 Q: Why do I receive multiple bills for my ED services?
A: The bills are based on the service provided, you will receive a hospital bill for the use of the ED, equipment, and nursing staff.  You will also receive a physician bill for their services.  If you had an x-ray or lab tests you may receive a bill from those physicians also.

 Q: Where do I park?
A: We are proud to offer free valet parking for all ED patients 24 hours a day. If you choose to park yourself, the first level of the garage, near the ED entrance, is designated for ED patients. Parking signs will direct you to that area.