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Title Date
Serious Childhood Burns Tied to Long-Term Mental Health Risks 09/04/2014
Settling Back-to-School Nerves 08/16/2014
Severe Sleep Apnea May Boost Odds for Stubborn High Blood Pressure 08/15/2014
Sharp Rise in Risk With New Breast Cancer Gene, Scientists Say 08/06/2014
Shield Yourself From the Sun 08/02/2014
Shingles Vaccine Still Effective After Chemotherapy 08/08/2014
Short Walks Can Offset Long Stretches of Sitting 09/09/2014
Sibling Bullies May Leave Lasting Effects 09/08/2014
Sigmoidoscopy Does Cut Risk of Dying From Colon Cancer: Study 08/12/2014
Simple Steps Make Shots Less Scary for Kids, Nurse Says 08/22/2014
Single-Dose, Injected Flu Treatment Shows Promise 09/08/2014
Sit Less, Protect Your DNA and Live Longer? 09/04/2014
Skin Cells Used to Create Heart Valve for Growing Kids 09/03/2014
Skip the Steroids for Shoulder Pain? 08/05/2014
Sleep Apnea Treatment Helps Seniors, Study Finds 08/27/2014
Sleep Woes for Astronauts May Pose Risks in Space: Study 08/08/2014
Small Number of Drugs Behind Kids' Accidental Poisonings: CDC 09/15/2014
Small Study Hints Fish Oil Might Ease Tough-to-Treat Epilepsy 09/09/2014
Smoking Banned in More Than 80 Percent of U.S. Homes: CDC 09/04/2014
Smoking Before Fatherhood May Raise Asthma Risk in Kids: Study 09/08/2014
Some Benefits of Screening Elderly Women for Breast Cancer Questioned 09/16/2014
Some Home Tattoo Kits Recalled Due to Infection Risk 08/07/2014
Spaceflight Might Weaken Astronauts' Immune Systems 08/29/2014
Speedy Delivery of Clot-Busting Drug Helps Stroke Patients Avoid Disability 08/06/2014
Sperm's Anti-Germ 'Shield' Might Play Role in Fertility 08/13/2014
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