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St. Mary is Bucks County's most trusted and preferred maternity services.

And nine out of 10 moms rate St. Mary maternity services in the top 5 percent for patient satisfaction! 



Why are we rated so high?

Comfort, state-of-the-art care and OB/GYN specialists with convenient locations throughout the area. High-risk pregnancy management experts, a Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and specialists physicians and nurses trained in high-risk newborn care are all here. Moms find private labor/delivery suites, a choice of birthing options including certified nurse-midwives, convenient childbirth classes, and personalized breast feeding support. St. Mary even has Bucks County's only 24/7 pediatric emergency center. What earns top ratings when it matters most? Moms know best.


Mother-Baby Unit

Following delivery, new moms are transferred to private rooms in the Mother-baby unit, each with their own private bathroom. We believe families should get to know their newborn the way it should be - in private.

Rooming In  

The Mother-Baby unit was completely renovated last year to all private rooms that are specially designed to allow most services for the newborn and mom to occur in the security and privacy of the patient room, thereby reducing the need for mother-baby separation. With a commitment to quality care that includes incorporating best practices in the delivery of maternity care, St. Mary follows the recommendations from the World Health Organization to promote and support breastfeeding, which is proven to be most beneficial to both mother and baby. A rooming-in model was initiated on the Mother-Baby unit which allows more time for mother and baby to bond, one of the most important steps in successful nursing. Rooming-in is the best way for a new mom to get to know her baby and understand his or her needs while our dedicated staff is around to help. This experience helps a mom to feel more comfortable and better prepared to take care of her baby when they go home.

Benefits of Rooming-In

Numerous health studies support the benefits of Rooming In and show that both moms and babies benefit from this close contact in that:

  • Moms get more rest – True! Studies show that moms who room-in actually get more sleep than those whose baby is sent back to the nursery
  • Moms make more breast milk faster
  • Moms respond to feeding cues and needs of the baby sooner
  • Babies are calmer and cry less often 


Labor and Delivery

The Maternity Unit at St. Mary includes attractive and spacious birthing rooms. For maximum patient comfort, labor, delivery and recovery take place in one home-like suite. Skilled nurses specially trained in obstectrical nursing assess and monitor the progress of your labor throughout the birthing process.

The Labor and Delivery unit at St. Mary is being expanded and renovated room by room in a planned process to allow continuous operation of the unit. The updates include environmental redesigns to enhance patient comfort in a warm, home-like atmosphere. Private triage rooms for patient assessment and private recovery rooms for moms following C-sections or surgical procedures are among additional care conveniences.

In addition, two maternal operating rooms for Cesarean section and other surgical procedures are readily available as needed.


Our Nursery

Our nursery is staffed by caring, professional nurses who provide specialized care for newborns. This includes close observation, administration of special treatments as necessary and routine newborn care.

Additional services include a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and fertility, perinatal and high-risk pregnancy services.