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St. Mary Imaging offers the most accomodating MRI Centers in the area, with MRI studies availabe at two locations -- on the campus of St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, PA, in historic Bucks County, and at St. Mary Imaging Richboro Campus in the Richboro Shopping Center.

Our centers offers sophisticated diagnostic MRI systems:

  • High-field Open MRI
  • Specialized Imaging Studies
  • MRI with Enhanced Breast and Prostate Imaging Services
  • Short-bore, High Field Strength MRIs for ultra-sharp diagnostic images Hitachi OASIS high field open MRI systems -- an open-design that provides optimum patient comfort. with quality detailed imaging. 

Request on MRI appointment online.

Your MRI is filmed on hard copy, which our MRI radiologist will interpret. Faxed and written reports are sent to your physician. As these films are yours to keep, you may pick them up and bring them to your physician, who will discuss the results with you. Keep these films in a safe place for future reference.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an advance technique for three-dimensional visualization of body areas, including the brain, spine, joints, pelvis, abdomen and chest. MRI is a sophisticated diagnostic tool that is especially useful for soft-tissue injuries and conditions. MRI uses two natural, safe forces -- high-strength magnetism and radio waves. There are no known adverse side effects to MRI. The information is sent to a computer, which outputs high-quality images, which are interpreted by our MRI radiologist.

What can I expect? What does MRI feel like?

A technologist will escort you to a dressing booth and you will change into a gown. He/she will ask you to lock up your valuables and any metal, which you may have with you. The technologist will then bring you into the MRI scanning room, where you will lie on a table, which will move so that the part of the body being imaged is in the center of the magnet.You will be given a headset thru which music is played of your choice (you may bring a CD, tape or IPOD). You will also hear the technologist speak to you thru the headset and he/she will be able to hear you at all times thru a built-in intercom. When the scan begins, you will hear loud noises. It is imperative that you remain still to acquire clear images. The procedure is painless and takes about an hour to complete. You may eat and take your medications before the exam.

What should my doctor know about me prior to my MRI exam?

An MRI utilizes a strong magnet, it is important that you inform your doctor of any surgeries or injuries, which involve metal. He/she will need to know if you have a pacemaker, heart valve, aneurysm clips or any implants, etc. He/she will need to know if you have any metal in your eyes.

With your prescription in hand, call 215-710-2208 for an appointment.