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What to Bring

Welcome to St. Mary Rehabilitation Hospital—the first freestanding inpatient rehabilitation hospital in Bucks County!

Our state-of-the-art, 50-bed acute rehabilitation hospital is dedicated to the treatment and recovery of individuals who have experienced . . .



St. Mary Rehabilitation Hospital embraces the tradition of excellence for which St. Mary Medical Center is known. Our dedication to our patients, leading up to the construction of our new hospital, has resulted in St. Mary Rehabilitation being a multi-year recipient of the prestigious UDS (Uniform Data System) “Top Performer” award—ranking it in the top 10 percent in outcomes from more than 800 rehabilitation hospitals in the country.

Rehabilitation is an important step in your journey of recovery, and one we take very seriously. During your stay with us, you will be meeting many staff members of the hospital as well as physicians and other clinicians. Each of us embrace one goal: to provide you with an exceptional patient experience. To schedule a stay or learn more, call 267-560-1100. Also, visit us at 1201 Langhorne-Newtown Rd., Langhorne, Pa 19047.



  • Patient and Family

  • Rehabilitation Doctor (Physiatrist)

  • Internal Medicine Physician

  • Consulting Physician Specialists

  • Multi-Trauma Injury

  • Rehabilitation Nurse

  • Physical Therapist

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Speech/Language Pathologist

  • Respiratory Therapist

  • Case Manager

  • Neuropsychologist

  • Dietitian

  • Pharmacist


Typically, patients are admitted to rehabilitation following a significant illness or injury resulting in ongoing medical issues coupled with a decline in functional ability. One of the main criteria that qualifies a patient for admission to an acute rehabilitation hospital is their ability to improve. Your ability to improve in your activities of daily living (ADLs) is one of the key areas of improvement we will work on during your stay. ADLs are things we do each day such as bathing, dressing, eating, and walking.

Patients admitted to St. Mary Rehabilitation Hospital can expect to receive a minimum of 3 hours of therapy a minimum of 5 days per 7-day week. Occasionally patients will be experiencing medical issues/treatment, such as dialysis, that warrant spreading 15 hours of therapy over 7 full days. Patients are expected to participate in each scheduled therapy session to maximize your time and achieve your highest level of functional recovery prior to discharge. Therapy sessions begin in the morning and run throughout the day. Breaks will be built into your day so you have time to rest, eat, and regroup for the next session. Therapy will be scheduled for our patients based upon your individual needs and goals. Evenings are reserved for dinner, rest and visitation. In the evenings, nursing will encourage you to utilize the skills learned in therapy so that you gain the full benefit of your time with us.

Rehabilitation can be hard, tiring, and sometimes frustrating. Rehabilitation is a joint effort between you and your treatment team. The nurses, therapists, physicians, and other clinical and non-clinical staff can’t help you improve, without your active participation. The treatment process requires planning and goal setting, your acceptance of the plan, and hard work to attain your goals. You will be involved in all phases of this process, as will members of your family, or other support systems you may have. Your treatment plan is designed to increase your independence and to help you to reach your goals. Together, we will set goals, and together we will work to attain those goals.

VISITING HOURS: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

We welcome all visitors to the Hospital. Visitors do not need to be legally related to the patient. Our patients have the right to decide if they want visitors or not while hospitalized and to designate those persons who can visit during their stay. For more information, call 267-560-1100.

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