IndustriCare services focus on the health and safety of workers in the workplace.

We offer our corporate clients a variety of professional healthcare services, including:

  • Emergency and immediate care for work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Care management for workers compensation injuries.
  • Physical and occupational therapy to facilitate return to work.
  • Ergonomic (workstation) evaluations and body mechanics training to lessen potential for repetitive motion injuries.
  • Employment physicals.
  • Drug testing.
  • Immunizations, such as hepatitis B vaccinations, flu shots.
  • CPR/First Aid training.

Additionally, medical and educational services can be custom designed to meet the particular needs of an organization. For example, we can provide speakers on infection-control issues.

Among the strengths of the IndustriCare program is the comprehensive care management provided in cases of workers' compensation injuries. Adarsh Soni, MD, heads a network of physicians who are experienced at treating workers' comp injuries and are familiar with the unique issues surrounding such cases.

A nurse coordinator serves as the liaison between the employers, employees, physicians, and insurance carriers. Through this centralization of services, St. Mary Work Care clients have one contact for answers to their questions about an employee's injury and work status.

For information about St. Mary Work Care, please call 215-710-5796.